Fearless. Passionate. Experienced.

A candidacy for trying times

Committed to saving the city from itself, without resorting to bat costumes.

Roger B for YYC is an autonomous collective, acting in a spirit of free will and coffee. Dedicated to the task at hand and fully engaged in a continuous civil discourse that will yield results. Often before they are expected.

With a unique attitude and an on-line thesaurus, only you will be confused by what we say.

Contact Us

123 456 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T0T T3R

(555) 555-5555

Our Platform

Deerfoot Trail

Redesigned with the original residents in mind. Deerfoot will become a walking path. No more cars, only deer. And their feet. Obviously.

Airport repurposing

This has been a trying time for airports and YYC is no different. That is why we are going to convert YYC International into the world’s largest Costco.

Snow Removal

Someone should really do this.